Organization Overview – A Clear 10,000 ft View

You are surrounded by people that focus on the micro, the everyday, the minutiae.

We zoom out your leadership team bringing clarity to your path to goals that matter.

Leadership & Training

How much of your payroll expense is in the hands of managers you trust?

The average manager in the US is responsible for $532,000 in payroll expense. Our training & development workshop will make your managers effective leaders who motivate, inspire and hold their teams accountable.

Strategic Growth Planning

  • What is your goal?
  • Do you have the bench strength to achieve?

Our program delivers crucial data and insight allowing you to create a better roadmap.

Succession Planning

  • Does your organization polish diamonds in the rough?

Our program identifies the next generation of leadership. When unrecognized, this untapped talent goes to the competition.

Hiring Strategies

Effective-Exec is not a recruitment or head-hunting firm…but we can share our expertise to help you accomplish the following:

  • Achieve a 65%-75% response rate on Indeed
  • Reduce your resume review time 80%
  • Increase your interview effectiveness over 600%
  • Improving hiring right the 1st time by 4x
  • Create a better onboarding and management plan for new hires to take flight